We only offer to chart our boat a few weeks a year to friendly and easy going poeple. We will appreciate to pampering you and give you unforgettable experiences. We are aware of the fact that you commit your limited holidays in our hands and spend your money for an adventuring trip and a luxury service. We will respect and support your wishes and ideas, but please don't forget that it is our home and therefore all of us have to enjoy the time together. We will respect our guests and expect to be respected too.

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boat rent for approx. one week 2 person =   500 € / day
boat rent for approx. one week 3 person =   650 € / day
boat rent for approx. one week 4 person =   800 € / day

included :
- 24 hours of captain & hostesses
- food and drinking water

- linen, bath and beach towels
- diesel for max. 5 hours travel a day (55 liter)

- medical and holiday insurance
- yacht delivery (if applicable)
- water taxis, private transports

- eating, drinking ashore
- laundry service
- national park fees, marine park fees
- beer, wine, spirits drinks, cocktails
- diving

- diesel for more than 5 hours a day (11 liter per hour)