Infos and Philosophy


Two main winds dominate weather patterns in the Philippines. Amihan blows from the northeast from November to June, and Habagat from the southwest from July to October. Depending on where you stay, they influence the frequency of rainy days as well as the waviness of various anchorage points. Even the typhoons have their seasons and may vary from north to south. We take all these factors into consideration when planning our trips.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection Factor 50 and windproof headgear is strongly recommended.

Shit Happens

A boat is a permanent worksite. Finding spare parts in the Philippines is difficult and delivery processes may be quite lengthy. While we maintain the boat well and take good care of its proper functionality, a damage can disable a boat for quite a long time. In instances such as this, where technical problems relating to the boat cause disruptions to scheduled travel, we will do our best to compensate you. Similarly, should illness or accident afflicting myself or my staff cause delays or render travel impossible, we will be happy to negotiate a refund for time lost.

Plan B

It always pays to have a plan B, particularly in the Philippines where small problems relating to the boat may take a long time to fix and the weather can be quite variable. As mentioned previously, we will do our very best to stick to our schedule. In some situations, however, we are powerless.   Don't get discouraged! Usually everything works out just fine and you will enjoy your well-deserved holidays with us. The likelihood of such events is relatively small but if you are unable or unwilling to take the risk, perhaps it is wiser not to charter a boat and to make other plans.

Food and drinks

All meals are included in the charter price. Should you choose to eat out, however, you will have to cover this cost yourself - no reduction to the charter rate can be made. Drinks are not included, but you are free to bring your own, free of charge. Otherwise, please let us know what you like to drink and we will be happy to stock your favourite beverages on board. You may purchase beer or Coke from us for around 50 pesos / $1.2 and wine around 800 pesos / $17.

How to get to the boat

Once you advise us of your arrival location, we will coordinate a travel plan with you. If you are in the vicinity of our anchorage, we will arrange to pick you up. Otherwise, you may need to fly to a nearby island. After your holiday stay on our boat, we will bring you to your chosen place of departure. For your own convenience, we recommend you buy a Philippine mobile phone SIM card upon landing at the airport, so that we will be able to contact you directly.

Diving and Snorkeling

Some diving and snorkeling equipment is available onboard and may be used during our travels. Please note, however, that we may not have your size. For this reason, we recommend you bring your own gear whenever possible. Please also be aware that this is not a scuba diving boat. We have a compressor and four tanks on board only. You will be able to dive from time to time, but we are not equipped solely for scuba diving holidays. If you have sensitive skin, you may wish to bring your own full body suit as you may encounter jellyfish and other underwater creatures, which can cause stinging and irritation.

Guest Rooms

Depending on the season, temperatures may rise significantly and humidity may also be very high. Please note that guest rooms are not equipped with air conditioning. There are three small windows in each room and fans are available. Nevertheless, it can get quite hot.